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Bone, Joint & Cartilage Supplements

Bone, Joint & Cartilage Supplements

Bone, Joint & Cartilage Supplements

The supplements in Vital Nutrients’ Bone, Joint & Cartilage category are formulated to nourish and maintain healthy joints and cartilage, promote bone strength, and support optimal calcium absorption.* Top products in this category include Joint Ease 2.0, Osteo Nutrients, K2-7 + D3 and Strontium.

Herbal extracts, such as Curcumin, Boswellia and Feverfew help to support inflammatory balance, while plant-based proteolytic enzymes like Bromelain, help to maintain healthy musculoskeletal tissue.* Additionally, Vital Nutrients offers specially-formulated blends like Joint Ease 2.0, BCQ® and Phyto-Curcumin Plus Enzymes that may further assist joint comfort and function.*

Healthy joints may be nourished with Glucosamine & Chondroitin, which help build and support collagen, the basic substance of cartilage.* Both of these nutrients support the body’s ability to protect and rebuild connective tissue, while MSM and Niacinamide promote joint comfort and function.* High-quality essential fatty acids such as Ultra Pure® Fish Oil, Borage Oil and Black Currant Seed Oil support both soft and connective tissue, and also promote inflammatory balance throughout the body.*

Bone mass and strength are also key to musculoskeletal health.* Vital Nutrients offers two combinations of Calcium and Magnesium, which work together to enhance absorption and further support bone health.* The comprehensive bone support formulas in our Osteo-Nutrients line add synergistic nutrients Vitamin D3 and K2-7 to support optimal calcium absorption and healthy bone mineralization.* Specialty nutrients Strontium Citrate and Ipriflavone promote balanced activity of the cells that help build and remodel bone.*

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