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Women's Health Supplements

Women's Health Supplements

Women's Health Supplements

Vital Nutrients Women’s Health category includes a full selection of supplements designed to support female hormonal balance, bone health, and general well-being for every age and every stage in life.*

Our Multi-Nutrients line of multivitamins offers several options both with and without Iron, for women in all stages of life, as well as a PreNatal Multi specifically formulated for pregnancy and lactation.

Certain botanicals and nutrients may help alleviate common mild symptoms associated with PMS. PMS Support is a combination of Vitamin B6 and herbal extracts including Vitex, which helps maintain healthy prolactin levels and hormonal balance during the monthly menstrual cycle.* Vitex helps support breast comfort and a normal healthy attitude and mood during the menstrual cycle and helps maintain normal ovarian function.* Calcium and Magnesium which have been shown to support normal mood and demeanor during PMS.*

Specialty formula Menopause Support is a combination of herbs formulated to support hormonal balance in menopausal women, and to help alleviate hot flashes and common symptoms associated with menopause.* Black Cohosh can be used to support health and well-being before, during and after menopause.* It acts as a tonifier and relieves mild mood changes, cramps, and also supports a normal, healthy attitude during PMS.* It also has been shown to alleviate hot flashes and support a normal, healthy attitude during menopause.*

Hormone Balance is a unique formula designed to support healthy hormone metabolism.* It contains DIM (diindolylmethane) and concentrated Flax Lignans, both shown to favorably promote normal estrogen metabolism by maintaining the 2/16 hydroxy estrogen ratios in both pre- and post-menopausal women.*